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Monday, August 5, 2013

Retweet of the Day - August 5, 2013

This has not been a proud summer for University of Florida football fans.

Former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow was cut by the New York Jets and was signed, hat in hand, to be the third string quarterback with the New England Patriots. Just two years ago he led the Denver Broncos to a first round playoff upset of the then-defending AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested on first degree murder charged in the shooting death of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd in June. In late July, a video surfaced of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper saying he would ho a fence and "fight every nigger" at a Kenny Chesney concert earlier this summer.

All three men played their college football at the University of Florida under two-time BCS National Championship winning Head Coach Urban Meyer (currently the Head Football Coach at Ohio State University). Today's retweet, by Joe Buck Yourself ‏(@JoeBuckYerself) further amplifies this stain on the legacy of Florida football:

"FYI Riley Cooper, Aaron Hernandez & Tim Tebow all played together at Florida...just in case you weren't sure that Urban Meyer is the devil."

Who would have thought that, of the three, Tim Tebow would have had the NFL career to be most proud of?
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