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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Griffin to Start in Week 1

ESPN Radio reported that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin, III will start in Week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. Griffin suffered a knee injury late last season that has limited his activity in training camp and kept him from playing in the preseason. Griffin has publicly expressed his wishes to get back on the field as quickly as possible in recent media appearances.

Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan is in a lose-lose situation. Griffin's backup, Kirk Cousins, is fully capable of steering the ship, for a limited time, in a direction that can give the Redskins a chance to win. Griffin, when healthy, gives the Skins the best chance to win, without dispute. The coach can only play one guy.

Shanahan caught a lot of heat for playing Griffin in their first round playoff loss against the Seattle Seahawks last January. Griffin aggravated his ailing knee in that game and it has been widely speculated that his knee went from "sprained" to "torn" (ligament) in that game.

For Shanahan's sake, I hope Griffin truly is medically ready to play two Mondays from now. I also hope, regardless of Griffin's health, that Griffin does not suffer any injuries to that knee this season. Whether Griffin really recovered or not, Shanahan will get the blame for any near term problems with Griffin's knee.

Shanahan hopes Griffin will celebrate more from a standing position that this sitting one. 2

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