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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Captain Is Back

I hate the New York Yankees. Those of you that read this blog regularly or know me personally know that first and foremost about my MLB fanhood. With that in mind, today is a good day for Major League Baseball. Future Hall of Fame Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter (career .313, 255 HR, 1254 RBI) is expected to return to the lineup today. Jeter has not played since Game 1 of the American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers in which he broke his ankle. 

October 13, 2012 1


For a team that, in my opinion, takes shortcuts to be a perennial contender (i.e. vulture-like acquisition of talent developed in the systems of other teams through free agency), Jeter is one of two examples of an exemplary Yankee talent that was acquired and developed the right way (the other is closing pitcher Mariano Rivera). Jeter, in turn, has played the game and represented the Yankees (and MLB) the right way. Jeter, 39, in his 18th full major league season, has been at the top of his craft, the pinnacle of sportsmanship, and completely void of off-field distraction or scandal.

Jeter had an on base percentage of .385 in four games while rehabbing with the AAA Scranton Railriders. 3


Jeter’s return is not just some cause for baseball fans to feel good before the All-Star break. The Yankees have been completely decimated by injuries to key players like Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeria (out for the season), and Curtis Granderson. While the defending division champion Yankees had been in second place in the American League East for much of the year, chasing the Boston Red Sox, the injury bug has finally caught up to them. The Bronx Bombers have plummeted into fourth place behind the surging Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles. 

The Yankees are batting .211 from the shortstop position this year. While Jeter is expected to be the designated hitter today, even a less than 100% Derek Jeter will likely be an improvement in the Yankees struggling batting order. While Jeter is not known as a power hitter, he has power in his bat, certainly more than a typical shortstop. Any introduction of augmented power will help the Yankees’ feeble bats. 

It's about time. 3

While I am reveling in the Yankees’ current obstacles as a team, I can separate my admiration of their greatest active player from my fanhood. Good players and good guys are good for the game of baseball. Jeter is both. I’m glad to see him back. 

I wonder if Jeter's current squeeze, model Hannah Davis, will be in the building. 4

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