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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Retweet of the Day - June 20, 2013

If you're a Patriots fan, you have had a lousy 2013. Unceremoniously and decisively bounced from the playoffs in the AFC Championship game by the eventual Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.... Anna Burns Welker further reinforcing the perception that Pats players can't control their loose-lipped wives. Tom Brady takes a salary cut to help retain his favorite wideout, Wes Welker, only to have Welker run out of town to Peyton Manning's team, the Denver Broncos after lowballs and hardballs from Patriots management.

But wait! There's more! All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski needed surgery on his often injured forearm, bringing his availability for the 2013 season into question. The Tuck Rule, which made the beginning of the Belichick-era Patriots dynasty possible, overwhelmingly tossed out of the NFL Rule Book. Then the team acquires the Tim Tebow Circus. Now this....

Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is being investigated, and some some media outlets are reporting will be arrested, in connection with the death of a 27 year old Boston man, Odin Lloyd, found shot to death in a car rented by Hernandez. This is by far the worst offseason for Patriots Fan in this century. That leads us to today's retweet, from  HOLLYWOOD CAV ‏(@CAVBERNAH):

"We let welker go, gronk is a drunk, Chung is a bum, Hernandez killed a man b/c we picked up Tebow I'm just waiting for Brady to beat Gazel" 

Tom Brady has is own Dickipedia page and rightfully so, in my opinion. But he isn't stupid. That $20 million castle with the moat is made possible by his billionaire better half, who is fine as hell. Brady beating Gisele is like a dog biting the hand that feeds it; never gonna happen.

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