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Friday, March 15, 2013

Dahntay's Inferno

Atlanta Hawks guard Dahntay Jones made headlines as his on going micro-rivalry with Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant ratcheted up a notch earlier this week. Jones positioned himself under Bryant during a jump shot, many have speculated deliberately. Bryant landed on Jones and sprained his ankle. Bryant vowed "revenge" afterwards.

The feud between Jones and Bryant dates back to when Jones was playing for the Denver Nuggets. Their on-court competition has often been chippy and that did not change just because Jones changed teams. I am not clear on what kind of "revenge" Bryant planned. I assume he meant on the court next season. However, Jones has a Colorado connection as does Bryant. Bryant's Colorado antics, combined with the fact that he is Kobe Freaking Bryant (while Jones is just a misspelled "Dahntay"), could raise an eyebrow.

Today's Chick Pic is of another possible target of Bryant's vengeance, Jones' wife, Valeisha Butterfield-Jones. Better sleep with one eye on the Mamba (and his "mamba"), Dahntay!

♫ "Mrs. ... Mrs. Jones!" ♪ 1

Clearly a socialite.... 2

On the right is Salt from Salt N Pepa 3

She's wearing purple, just like Kobe. Coincidence? (Yes!) 4

The camera is one of her closest friends. 5


Another lady who plays well with others. 7
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