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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rita Ora Encore

British singer Rita Ora has been trending heavily on Internet search engines this morning. With the BRIT awards happening tonight (the U.K.'s counterpart to our Grammys here in the United States) and Ora's former boyfriend, Rob Kardashian, in the media for backing Ora over with the bus via Twitter when they broke up, I thought this would be a fitting time for Ms. Ora to make her second appearance as the subject of the Hat Trick's Chick Pic.

Last time, there was a lot of Ms. Ora's skin on display. She looks pretty nice in a dress, too. 1 
Very nice...! 2
Or not.... 3
You didn't think there would be ZERO skin, did you? 4
That is an awfully American looking get-up for a British singer, but I am not complaining. 5
Best of luck at the BRITs, Ms. Ora! 6
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