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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Behind Every Champion Are a Few Good Ladies

The Hat Trick is going to put a different spin on today's Chick Pic. 1) There will be three ladies, not just one. 2) All three (more or less) are fully clothed.

The University of Alabama repeated as BCS National Champions last night. Two people who caught my eye were the girlfriend and mother of Bama quarterback A.J. McCarron, Katherine Webb and Dee Dee Bonner, respectively. One would expect the big man on campus to have a hot girlfriend but his significant other is a stunning natural beauty. His mom ain't bad looking either considering the he is a college senior and and Ms. Bonner is...well...his mom!

The third lady is Nick Saban's daughter, Kristen Saban. Many of you may have heard about the catfight she was in at her sorority house last year. I didn't see her until last night but LAWD have mercy!

This picture doesn't even do Ms. Webb (left) or Ms. Bonner (right) any justice. 1

Kristen Saban...I see why Nick doesn't relax easily. 2
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