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Friday, December 7, 2012

Retweet of the Day - December 7, 2012

The Oakland Raiders: once the winningest franchise in the history of the NFL...once a perennial contender to reach the Super Bowl...three time Super Bowl champions, one time champion of the old American Football League in 1967, four time AFC Champions...15-time division champions including three in a row as recently as ten years ago...this team is now a punchline.

They've become so much of a punchline that they are getting beaten up by the Twitersphere. Today's retweet is by DeseraeAriannaaaa (@deseraearianna). I am guessing, based on her Twitter profile, that she is a teenager, meaning the image that grown men grew up with of the Raiders' franchise is one she and most people her age have never known. Thank goodness for the Internet, because young people may never believe this franchise was not only relevant, but dominant, once upon a time without breaking out an encyclopedia.

Hmm...encyclopedias...something else Deserae's probably never used. Here is today's Retweet of the Day:

"like I said.. Everyone that stupidly THOUGHT the Raiders had a chance to win can blow me! 10-3 baby!"

Much like I doubt anyone can take young Deserae up on her, um, offer (as it isn't biologically possible), I doubt anyone thought the Raiders were going to win last night, either.
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