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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Retweet of the Day - December 19, 2012

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow - whether you love him or are tired of hearing about him, what cannot be disputed is that he was one of the greatest players in the history of college football, some would argue the greatest. The objective evidence is overwhelming and the character and intestinal fortitude he demonstrated while at the University of Florida is legendary. He was also the leading first-place vote recipient for the Heisman Trophy in consecutive years, winning the award as a sophomore in 2007 and being nipped by Sam Bradford of Oklahoma in 2008.

Of course, the NFL is a completely different game regarding the skills required at the quarterback position. The horizontal space is more limited because the hash marks are closer together. The linebackers and defensive backs are much quicker (though many NFL defenders were Tebow's opponents in SEC play). The rules favor passers and mitigate some of the advantages of Tebow's athleticism at the quarterback position.

New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan announced that Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez would be benched in the final two weeks for Greg McElroy, who effectively leap-frogged Tebow on the depth chart. This morning, reports circulated in the media that Tebow may demand a trade from the Jets at the end of this season. That leads us to today's retweet, from David Nelson (@iamdavidnelson):

"if i was tebow i would request a trade back to the florida gators"

Sometimes it is better to stick with what you know.
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