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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Josh Hamilton's New Sober Buddy?

With the news that recovering drug addict and Major League Baseball superstar Josh Hamilton will be taking his talents to Tinseltown, social media lit up with concerns (and one liners) about how Hamilton's recovery would fare in the fast paced, free wheeling, hard partying environment in Los Angeles. And of course there were mentions of and comparisons to the L.A. area poster girl for substance abuse, actress Lindsay Lohan, our subject of today's Chick Pic.

Lindsay Lohan and easy access to cocaine. I hope Mr. Hamilton can resist the temptation. 1
Is this pre or post coke binge? Who cares? 2

What's better (or worse, if you're a traffic cop) than four Lindsay Lohans?... 3

FIVE Lindsay Lohans! 4

Remember, just because you get arrested at the same time as Lindsay Lohan, doesn't mean you'll get to spend your time in the slammer with Lindsay Lohan! 5
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