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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Retweet of the Day - October 2, 2012

The expression, "It's about time," is used so frequently that it seldom expresses anything that is profound or dramatic in nature. However, for fans of the Detroit Tigers, the sigh of relief that they can breathe, after clinching the American League Central in their 160th game of a 162 game season, could not be much bigger. The Hat Trick, along with most other written opinions on baseball prior to the season, expected the Tigers to blow the doors off of the American League Central.

That was not the case. The Cleveland Indians got off to a surprisingly fast start out of the gate. The Chicago White Sox had a very consistent and solid season, leading the division for most of the time following the All Star break. Detroit had a very lackluster month of May and the bullpen was hot or miss all season long. What was supposed to be a runaway division race for the Tigers turned into a dogfight.

The Tigers clinched the Central last night with a 6-3 win on the road against the marginally competent Kansas City Royals, who exceeded low expectations by finishing in third place this season. This brings us to today's retweet, by Megan Swiderski ‏(@megswiderski):

"so relieved now that the tigers finally clinched the division. now i can relax for a moment. team gives ya grey hairs i tell ya"

The playoffs haven't even started yet!
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