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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Game Like A Virgin

Tim Tebow mania is as alive and well as it ever was. The New York Jets lost a close game hosting the Houston Texans this past Monday, dropping the Jets' record to 2-3 and reviving speculation about the possibility of Tebow replacing starting quarterback Mark Sanchez in the lineup, a move that would be a debacle for Gang Green in the opinion of nearly every informed football analyst in the media.

Jets owner Woody Johnson (ironic name considering the topic) was recently asked on CNBC about Sanchez's job security (to which he responded with a vote of confidence), and that question was followed up by Johnson being asked if Tebow was still a virgin. Johnson did not comment. As difficult as it is for me, and many men, to wrap my mind around the notion that a famous, rich, good looking, popular 25 year old NFL quarterback is saving himself for marriage, I will take the man at his word until I have reason to believe otherwise.

This past summer, it was rumored that Tim Tebow was dating country pop singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Both denied the rumor, but for a guy who purports to be as careful with his most valuable personal asset as he says, I am sure he is as careful with his privacy and his personal life. I'm not suggesting they hooked up, but I do think they have spent some time together. That is all of the connection I need to make the talented and beautiful Ms. Swift the subject of today's Chick Pic.

If they did date, I don't see how Timothy Richard stayed on the wagon. 1

Tebow has been quoted as saying, essentially, that he wants a girl he can bring home to Mom. Dude...WHAT more are you holding out for? For Mr. Johnson's sake, I hope Tebow doesn't hold out similarly in a contract negotiation. 2
She can shift from "girl next door" to "glam mode" like few others. 3

And Tebow is still searching?! 4
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