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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Great Day for The Great One's Old Team

The Los Angeles Kings won their first, ever Stanley Cup last night, downing the New Jersey Devils in six games. Today chick pic is a fitting tribute to the greatest player in the history of that organization (if not the entire history of the National Hockey League), Wayne Gretzky.

As you may know, The Great One's daughter, Paulina Gretzky, went on a tear, posting a series of racy pictures to her Twitter account last year. What a fitting day for Miss Gretzky to make the Hat Trick!

Dad must be so proud. Actually, he probably isn't. But, like diamonds, the Internet is forever with famous people. 1

Not exactly a summer vacation photo. 2

Dad must have not given her enough hugs when he was on the road. DAMN! 3

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