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Monday, February 20, 2012

Bringing the Thunder

I had to take a moment to give big props to the historic performance by the Oklahoma City Thunder in their 124-118 overtime win over the Denver Nuggets. First…the game itself. OKC trailed by nine in the fourth quarter and by two in the final seconds of the game. Kevin Durant drove to the basket to tie the score and send the game into overtime, in which the Thunder would win by six.

So what? Great game…happens all the time. That’s true. But what does not happen all of the time is a triple-double, like Serge Ibaka posted with 14 points, 15 rebounds, and 11 blocked shots. What has never happened, ever, before last night is one team member scoring 50 or more points and a teammate scoring 40 or more points. Kevin Durant scored 51 and Russell Westbrook scored 40 last night.

There were chants of “MVP” in Oklahoma City toward the end of last night’s home win. We’ve all known the Kevin Durant is one of the ten best, I would argue five best, players in the NBA for quite some time. Every MVP needs a signature, standout performance. I think we saw it.

Durant brought the Thunder! 1

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