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Friday, August 26, 2011

Micro Takes

There is a lot going on in the world of sports. The dozen of you who have read the Hat Trick before know that I have no problem discussing a sports topic at length. Today, however, The Daily Hat Trick is going to experiment with a new angle. I only have a few words to say about the following, among the laundry list of hot sports topics.

The involvement of LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, among others, in a bar fight that led to the arrest of Jefferson and another LSU football player –

Kids, don’t fight. Fighting is bad, m’kay? And if you fight, you could go to jail. Jail is bad, m’kay?

Fighting is BAD! M'kay? 1

Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest, whose petition to legally change his name to “Metta World Peace” was delayed because of Artest’s failure to pay outstanding traffic tickets –

No justice, no “Peace”

The Clerk of Court to Ron-Ron: "Peace!" 2

The three grand slam performance of the New York Yankees, yesterday, the first ever in the 142 year history of Major League Baseball, in a comeback from a 7-1 deficit against the Oakland Athletics –

My message to any of the fans who left early, either because of the 7-1 score or the 89 minute rain delay following the third inning: “You know you done f____d up, right?”

"Now, you see there? You know your done f____d up, right?" 3

The Texas A&M athletic program seeking greener pastures than the Big XII conference –

1) Shouldn’t the conference have swapped names with the Big 10 after the it lost two members and the Big 10 gained its 12th member in former Big XII school, Nebraska?

2) If A&M leaves, would the remaining schools be “seventy five percenters”?

3) Perhaps the Big XII should become the “Dear John Conference”, with its rash of breakups with long time member universities.

Jim Thome accepting a trade from the Minnesota Twins back to the Cleveland Indians –

I am assuming Thome’s goal is to get into the playoffs. The way the Indians are playing, and the way the White Sox have juuuust missed turning the corner, several times this year, I think he is returning to the wrong former American League Central team.

Criticism of team captain Fred Couples adding Tiger Woods to the President’s Cup team –

If any of you have ever bought a lottery ticket, you have no room to criticize. The odds of Tiger catching lightning in a bottle and catapulting the team is far greater than anyone winning a lottery prize. He did just finish fourth in this year’s Masters.

Ohio State University quarterback Terrelle Pryor, embattled in a scandal that resulted in Head Coach Jim Tressel’s resignation and pressure on Pryor to leave school and enter the NFL Supplemental Draft, selected by the Oakland Raiders –

Can anyone think of another franchise that could better embrace Pryor, given his situation?

Baltimore Ravens rookie receiver Tandon Ross, who broke up a fight on Thursday afternoon in which a restaurant manager was attacked by two other men at a restaurant, one of which produced a knife and cut the manager –

Ross caught two balls later that evening in a game against the Washington Redskins. Two balls…coincidence? I think not!

Danica Patrick joining NASCAR full time –

I’m looking forward to the champagne baths when she wins.

Get your minds out of the gutter, fellas! 4

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