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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Free Agency Musical Chairs - Offense

Yesterday, we looked at the movement in free agency by some key defensive players who were still unsigned last week. Last week we also discussed 18 offensive players, looking for a home, who would likely make an immediate impact on their new team once signed. Today, we track the progress of some of those players.


Jonathan Goodwin – New Team: San Francisco 49ers

Goodwin was a solid, steady, reliable starter on an offensive line that gave up very few sacks. After the exemplary performance of the Saints offensive line in recent years, Goodwin, understandably, wanted to get paid. At age 32, however, the Saints appeared reluctant to offer Goody a long term deal, especially with second year center Matt Tennant developing quickly, based on reports from the local media.

The 49ers, on the other hand, were not so successful protecting the quarterback in 2010, giving up 44 sacks. According to, the Niners allowed their quarterback to get hit 85 times (tied for second worst in the NFL) and gave up 69 tackles for a loss (7th worst). Goodwin was a good fit and the 49ers were willing to pay close to $11 million over 3 years, according to ESPN.

Olin Kreutz – New Team: New Orleans Saints

When it became apparent that Goodwin was shopping his services, I expected this move. Kreutz signed a one year deal with the Saints, giving them a veteran centering the Saints O-line, while giving Tennant one more year to develop before pushing him into the deep end of the pool.

A 30-something center earning close to $4 mil a year in a long term deal? That smile would be glued to my face, too.
 Wide Receiver

Braylon Edwards – New Team: San Francicso 49ers

In spite of a chronic case of the “dropsies”, Edwards 6’3” length and physicality will provide a much welcomed compliment to third year standout wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Randy Moss – unsigned

Moss “retired” earlier this month, to which I say, “yeah right”. I will be stunned if Moss does not play this season and I am confident, as great and proud a player as Moss is and as disastrous as last season was for Moss, professionally, he will have something to prove wherever he lands and will prove it.

Terrell Owens – unsigned

Owens’ recovery from offseason knee surgery is likely delaying his arrival in a new home. Assuming a full, or near-full, recovery, he is going to open up several options for the team with which he signs. Owens continues to be a 1,000-yard caliber receiver, in spite of being on two very bad teams during the last two seasons. The fact that he has done so fairly quietly will make him an attractive addition to someone’s receiving corps.

Edwards: "'Dropsies'? Droppin' these BENJAMINS, suckah!" 2
Tight End

Kevin Boss – New team: Oakland Raiders

The loss of former Raiders tight end Zach Miller to the Seattle Seahawks necessitated this acquisition, pulling the rug from under the New York Giants’ attempt to retain Boss’ services in 2011.

Desmond Clark – resigned with the Chicago Bears

The trade of 2010 starting tight end Greg Olsen to the Carolina Panthers gave the Bears little choice but to resign the 13 year veteran. While used very infrequently as a pass receiver, he is a competent blocker and brings irreplaceable experience to a tight end squad that, absent Clark, has nine combined years of NFL experience and had 10 combined catches in the NFL in 2010.

He's not a Don, but he's a Boss! 3
Tiki Barber – unsigned

Barber is 36 years old and has not played in five years. However, he destroyed the competition the last time he played, left the game healthy, and has not endured the rigors and physical strain of football season during that period. Someone will take a chance on Barber if he still wishes to play and is patient.

Ronnie Brown – New team: Philadelphia Eagles

Brown, entering his 7th season in the league, has been hobbled by nagging injuries through out his career, as a starter with the Miami Dolphins. However, with his power, Brown should be an excellent backup and compliment for Eagles starting RB LeSean McCoy.

Ricky Williams – New team: Baltimore Ravens

Opposing defenses may be frequently battered into submission from the combination of Williams and starter Ray Rice.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis – resigned with the New England Patriots

The Patriots, wisely so, have retained the services of The Law Firm.

I put this in for two reasons:
1) For the ladies, many of whom are probably tired of looking at my Jenn Sterger shrine on this blog.
2) To reiterate my point that someone will give Tiki a shot. 4


Brett Favre – unsigned

Rumors were aplenty that Favre may back up Mike Vick in Philadelphia. Then there were rumors that the Ol’ Gunslinger could take his talents to South Beach (where, even at age 41, they would be sorely welcomed, considering the motley crew the Fins have under center). Those rumors were squashed. I think Favre may really, truly be done this year. However, Favre himself has yet to issue a statement completely slamming the door on returning for 2011 and there are teams, with talent, who Favre could make better, even in his age and condition. I would not hold my breath, though.

Favre: "Okay, Jenn...hand over your heart, just like I tried to demonstrate." 5
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