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Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to the Tweeter

Twitter becomes more ingrained in our society every day. The social media site signs up thousands of new users each day. For sports fans, Twitter has provided easy access to what our favorite sports personalities think and say. It has also provided some foot-in-mouth moments, leading to countless controversies and conversation about those controversies.

Names like Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison, New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, and Miami Heat forward LeBron James have strengthened public awareness of their brands through use of Twitter. It leads me to think of how colorful personalities of the past may have used Twitter, had the medium existed in years past.

Today, The Daily Hat Trick hops into the DeLorean with the Flux Capacitor and brings you the Tweets of sports stars of yesteryear in today’s Back to the Tweeter!

"When we hit 88 miles an hour, you're gonna see people get themselves into serious s__t!" 1
The World Series, Chicago, Illinois, 1919 –

Unidentified crime family associate:

@shoelessjoe What could possibly go wrong? #CantMiss #EasyMoney #BlackSox

Following the 1927 MLB regular season -

Lou Gehrig:

@Bambino Okay, so you could hit 60 #homeruns. I was wrong. Betcha you can’t do it again. RT @IronHorseLou Told you so!

Babe Ruth:

@IronHorseLou Betcha it NEVER happens again, LOL! #FatChance RT @Bambino Okay, so you could hit 60 #homeruns. I was wrong. Betcha you can’t do it again.

Trash talking Red Sox fan, whose team would not win the World Series, again, until 2004:

@Bambino Sure, Babe. I suppose we won’t win another World Series this century, either! Where did you get a crystal ball? #Curse #LOL

Ruth: "So long, SUCKERS!" 2

Summer Olympics, Berlin, Germany, 1936 -

American track star Jesse Owens, after setting records that would last for decades:

@DasFührer Man’s game, BITCH! #USA

After the Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling fight, 1938 -


@DasFührer Man’s game, BITCH! #USA

June 6, 1944 – Normandy, France

General Eisenhower:

@DasFührer Man’s game, BITCH! #USA
Man's game, BITCH! 3

Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak ends at 56 games, 1941 –

President of Heinz (and its 57 varieties):

@JoltinJoe NOOOOOOOOO! #NoEndorsement


@Heinz57 NOOOOOOOOO! #NoEndorsement RT @JoltinJoe NOOOOOOOOO!

Makers of A1 Sauce:

@Heinz57 YESSSSSSSSSSS! #NoEndorsement @JoltinJoe NOOOOOOOOO!

After Jackie Robinson signed with the Dodgers, 1945 -

Baseball Hall of Famer and Negro League legend Josh Gibson:

@JackRoos You signed with the #DODGERS? C’mon, man! I’ll be a dead man before you wear that Dodgers uniform. #MinorLeague #PipeDream

Robinson in April, 1947:

@BlackBabeRuth #RIP RT @JackRoos You signed with the #DODGERS? C’mon, man! I’ll be a dead man before you wear that Dodgers uniform.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gibson (died January, 1947) he was the Babe Ruth of the Negro Leagues on the diamond, so much that calling Ruth "the white Josh Gibson" was en vogue at the time. Off the field, he was an unstable, alcoholic train wreck, precluding him from being the first black man to break the color barrier in baseball. 4


So remember famous people did not suddenly talk smack or have “foot in mouth” syndrome before Twitter. We just didn’t know about it. Have a great weekend, Hat Trick readers!

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